Dr. J. YING WILLIAMS' Practice  
PAIN MANAGEMENT: We specialize in Auto, Work and Sports related injuries. We review your medical history carefully and will work closely with your other physicians. When appropriate, we will not hesitate to order appropriate tests.

MEDICAL ACUPUNCTURE: manage a wide range of medical problems including: acute or chronic pain, neurological and muscular disorders, adverse effects of chemotherapy, smoking cessation, urinary, menstral and reproductive problems, digestive and respiratory disorders and much more. For a more complete list, go to the Medical Conditions page. To see if Medical Acupuncture might be able to help your condition, please call us at 540-8594 for a Free Telephone Consultation. We will also send you a comprehensive guide from the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Dr. Williams offers "classical" acupuncture, intra- muscular stimulation, percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and neural therapy.

In addition, Dr. Williams combines conventional "Western" medicine with other Alternative medicines for your comprehensive health care and wellness. This includes:

CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE: prescribe individualized Chinese herbal treatment to your specific medical conditions.

Chinese Therapeutic Manipulation and Medicated Diet;